Disability Resource Center

Disability Resource Center in the New Student Services Building, Building 1600, (Room 1615)

Las Positas College is committed to excellence and accessibility for all students. The DRC offers academic and personal support for students with physical, communication, learning and psychological disabilities. Our goal is to encourage students to become independent and assertive participants in their own educational process. Accessibility in classes, facilities, and all services is our ultimate objective.

How to Contact Disability Resource Center

Counselor schedules vary. Specific days and times are subject to change, please call or make an appointment to ensure a counselor will be available.

Spring Session 2015

(Jan 20 - May 28)

Mon, Tue, and Thu 8am - 5pm

Wed, 8am - 6pm

Friday 8am - 1pm


Disability Resource Center

Building 1600, Room 1615
Phone: 925.424.1510
Fax: 925.424.1515

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Page last modified: January 23, 2015