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Textbook Loaner Program


Who Can Rent Books?

The Textbook Loaner Program is for all students!

How Do I get started?

Bring your Student ID to the Office of Student Life and ask them about the Textbook Loaner Program.

How much does it cost?

Books are Free of charge! (maximum of 3 textbooks)

When are books available?

Books are available Fall and Spring semester only. We do not offer during Summer term.

Availability is on a first come, first serve basis. Books may NOT be put on "hold" for a student under any circumstance. Students are required to show their LPC student identification in order to participate in the program.

What are the guidelines fo rthe program?

Click Here for Terms and Conditions

How do I pay for it?

Student MUST have an LPC Student ID and cash or check. Credit Cards are not accepted.

When do I need to return my book?

All books must be returned directly to the LPC Library. There is a late fee of $30 for books not returned on or before the last day of finals.

What happens if my book gets damaged?

Students will be charged a minimum damage fee of $15 for books that are damaged.

What books are available?

See book listing below for the most recent books available through our program


Fall 2017

Course Book Title
American Sign Language Signing Naturally
Anthropology 1 Essentials of Physical Anthropology (9th Ed)
Anthropology 1 Essentials of Physical Anthropology (10th Ed)
Anthropology 5 On Being Different (4th Ed)
Anthropology 5 Race and Ethnic Groups (13th Ed)
Auto Tech 55 Modern Automotive Technology (7th Ed)
Biology 1A Raven Biology of Plants (8th Ed)
Biology 1B Zoology (10th Ed)
Biology 7A

Human Anatomy (7th Ed)

Biology 7C Microbiology: Introduction (11th Ed)
Biology 10 Biology: Concepts and Application (8th Ed)
Biology 20 Human Biology (11th Ed)
Biology 30, 31 Inquiry of Life (14th Ed)
Biology 30, 31 Inquiry of Life (15th Ed)
Business 18 Business Law Essentials: Today (10th Ed)
Business 40 Understanding Business (11th Ed)
Chemostry 1A, 1B Chemistry (9th Ed)
Chemistry 12A, 12B Organic Chemistry (9th Ed)
Chemistry 30A, 30B General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry (7th Ed)
Chemistry 31 Intro to Chemistry (6th Ed)
ECD 56 A Child's World (13th Ed)
English 1A A Writer's Reference (7th Ed)
English 1A A Writer's Reference (8th MLA Update)
Health 1 Access to Health (14th Ed)
Health 1 Access to Health (15th Ed)
History 2 Western Civilization: A Brief History (10th Ed)
History 7 Give Me Liberty: Vol 1 (4th Ed)
History 8 Give Me lIberty: Vol 2 (4th Ed)
Marketing 50 Principles of Marketing (15th Ed)
Math 1, 2, 3 Calculus (7th Ed)
Math 20 Pre-Calculus (6th Ed)
Math 42, 44 Elementary Statistics (2nd Ed)
Math 55, 65 Beginning and Intermediate Algebra (4th Ed)
Math 107 Pre-Algebra (6th Ed)
Music 5 Popular Music in America: The Beat Goes On (4th Ed)
Nutrition 1 Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies (13th Ed)
Physics 2A, 2B College Physics: A Strategic Approach (2nd Ed)
Political Science 7 California Politics & Government (12th Ed)
Politcal Science 7 Struggle of Democracy (11th Ed)
Psychology 4 ACP Psych: Brain, Mind, and Behavior
Speech 1 The Art of Public Speaking (11th Ed)



The Texbook Loaner Program is generously
sponsored by the Las Positas College Foundation.

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Vice President, Student Services

Nessa Julian, Ed.D
Director, Student Equity and Success

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Zainab Dogar
Vice President

Jasleen Gill
Inter-Club Council Chair

Garrett Culbertson
Director of Legislation

Kirstie Burgess
Director of Events

Uphie Ngwa
Director of Communications

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