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Associated Students of Las Positas College

Vendor Information


Vendor must contact Director of Student Life, Scott Miner, 925.424.1494,, to schedule your visit.


(Employers seeking LPC Students for possible employment, please click here for instructions.)

  • Vendor must fill out and return the ASLPC Outside Vendor Contract two weeks prior to the event in order to secure the date. (This contract may be faxed to the ASLPC Office.)
  • Vendor Tabling Fee is $100 PER DAY PER TABLE and must be paid prior to the event date. Vendors may not bring their own tables unless previously agreed upon with the Director of Student Life. Non-profit organizations must submit official verification of their non-profit status in order to receive the non-profit tabling fee rate. Non-profit organizations may visit the campus twice per semester without paying the tabling fee.
  • Prior to event, a time and place will be agreed upon to meet on the day of the event. Failure to show up on time for this meeting may result in cancellation of the event and a late fee charge of $25.
  • Vendors must notify the Office of Student Life in writing (fax: 925-371-5572) by noon at least one day prior to the event if the event must be canceled. Failure to do so will result in a cancelation charge of $25 and vendor will be prohibited from returning to LPC.
  • Vendors may not sell items of any type.  Vendor may not approach anyone to solicit products and/or services.  Vendor must remain at the assigned table(s) and allow individuals to approach them. The college prohibits the solicitation of credit or charge cards that can place students in a financial bind.
  • Please be aware: Parking Permits are required. It will be the Vendor's responsibility to purchase a temporary parking permit from one of the permit kiosks located in most parking lots. Cost is $2 CASH per day.
  • No vehicles are allowed on campus. Therefore, vendor will need to transport materials, equipment and supplies to the assigned table.
  • Vendor is limited to the assigned tabling area. Vendor is not allowed to approach students or staff members to solicit or ask questions. Should the college receive a complaint from either student or staff, the Vendor may be asked to leave and forfeit their table fee.
  • Requests from Vendors to visit campus the first week of each semester will not be approved as students are focused on finding their classes and adjusting to the college.
  • Violation of CLPCCD rules and regulations will result in immediate removal from college campus.

Outside Vendor Contract


The completed and signed Outside Vendor Contract may be faxed to the ASLPC Office

@ (925) 371-5572

Attention Scott Miner



Scott Miner
Director of Student Life

Student Life Assistant

Rafi Ansari

Paulina Reynoso
Vice President

Olga Salgado
Director of Legislation

Ashley Landicho
Director of Communications

Stephanie Plascencia
Director of Events

ICC Chair






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Page last modified: July 30, 2014