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Classes Not Meeting Today

Occasionally a class session must be canceled due to instructor absences. Now you can check online and save yourself a trip to campus if your class is not meeting today! Only cancellations reported in advance will be displayed. Last-minute cancellations might not be included.

The following table displays only classes that are not meeting today. Please check back to see if if your class meets again this week.

Disclaimer: Only absences reported in advance have been displayed. Last-minute cancellations might not be included.

Showing classes not meeting on:

March 21, 2018

Instructor Start Time Absent For Subject Course Section Room Number
Lucas Hasten9:30 AMClass OnlyANTRANTR 3VO12203
Lucas Hasten11:00 AMClass OnlyANTRANTR 3VO22203
Lucas Hasten12:30 PMOffice HourANTROffice Hour2411C
Ernie Jones11:00 AMClass OnlyPSYCPSYC 4VO12470
Ernie Jones12:30 PMClass OnlyPSYCPSYC 4VO22470
Ernie Jones3:30 PMClass OnlyPSYCPSYC 6VO32470
Julia McGurk12:00 PMLab OnlyESLESL 131B V0130218600
Valerie Connors8:00 AMClass OnlyENGENG 4 V01 326172450
Peter Hartman7:00 PMClass OnlyPSYCPSYC 100932204
Sarah Thompson1:40 PMOffice HourSOCOffice Hour2411E