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Cancelled Classes

Upcoming Cancelled Classes

The following table displays upcoming cancelled classes.
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Disclaimer: Only absences reported in advance have been displayed. Last-minute cancellations might not be included.

Instructor Date Start Time Absent For Subject Course Section Room Number
Grisel Ponciano  12/18/2014  01:00:00 PM  Only Class  Biology  BIOL 31   V09 & V10  1874 
Grisel Ponciano  12/18/2014  04:30:00 PM  Only Lab  Biology  BIOL 31  V10  1851 
Debbie Fields  10/23/2014  10:00:00 AM  Office Hour  Computer Information Systems  Office Hour    2109 
Debbie Fields  10/23/2014  11:00:00 AM  Only Class  Computer Information Systems  CIS 50  V02  202 



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