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Cancelled Classes

Classes Not Meeting Today

Occasionally a class session must be canceled due to instructor absences. Now you can check online and save yourself a trip to campus if your class is not meeting today! Only cancellations reported in advance will be displayed. Last-minute cancellations might not be included.

The following table displays only classes that are not meeting today. Please check back to see if if your class meets again this week.

Check cancelled courses

Look ahead! Check for future cancelled class meetings.

Disclaimer: Only absences reported in advance have been displayed. Last-minute cancellations might not be included.

Showing classes not meeting on: 11-21-2014

Instructor Start Time Absent For Subject Course Section Room Number
Hyman Robinson  09:30:00 AM  Only Class  Sociology  SOC 1  VO2  2470 
Tim Heisler  09:30:00 AM  Only Class  Speech  Speech 1  VO6  4213 
Tim Heisler  12:30:00 PM  Office Hour  Speech  Office Hour    4230 


Page last modified: October 31, 2012