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LPC Shark Tank 2015

LPC Shark Tank Purpose

The Business & Marketing Department is excited to present the College’s third Entrepreneurship Competition in the style of the popular ABC television show, Shark Tank. The competition is designed to spark interest in entrepreneurship, foster innovation, and give students the opportunity to develop the mindset and skills of successful entrepreneurs. The competition will take place Tuesday, March 24, 2015 in the Little Theater, room 801


  1. All team members must be currently enrolled at Las Positas Livermore Campus
  2. Teams can be formed from one or more of your classes with help from the instructor
  3. Ideas and/or products presented should be the original work of the team members
  4. Plans presented must be innovative, not currently available, salable in the market place, original and unique product and that promotes the common good of society
  5. A written plan must be submitted to the LPC Shark Tank committee by March 17, 2015 and consist of the following sections:
    • What does your idea (product or service) do?
    • What problem does your idea solve?
    • Why does the idea need an investor?
    • What skills are needed to be successful?
    • What would you do with a $100,000 investment in your company?
    • When does your product/service breakeven?
    • Why do you think you will be successful?


There are two prize categories: The "Panel of Judges" will award the “Most Innovative Product or Service” the best innovative concept from each of the 3 LPC division.  A grand prize will be awarded to the one presentation which shows the highest level of success in the marketplace.   The Grand Prize winner is not necessarily a division winner

      1. Win Cash Awards! $1,000 in Prizes! One time gift given by the Las Positas College Foundation
      2. A team plaque indication success in the contest
      3. One month's time at an Incubation Center in the Livermore.
      4. The Grand Prize winner will receive a plaque, Incubation time and prize money to be split between the team
      • Prizes will be awarded March 27, 2015


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The Presentation

The presentation can follow the outline for the written document. Students are encouraged to do whatever you need during the presentation  to explain the idea. This includes sides, posters, videos, testimonies, etc. Each team will have 12 minutes for the presentation. The will be a 3 minute period for the judges to ask questions.Presenters are expected to dress for success!

The Judges will be looking for:

    • Originality and creativity
    • Entrepreneurial effort taken
    • Presentation skills and enthusiasm
    • Comprehensiveness of the team’s research of the idea
    • Practicality of the idea and the probability of success


If help is needed in identifying a product plan, how to put together the written plan, or how to make a great presentation, please contact Tom Blinn at

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