Computer Science

The Program

AS - Computer Science

Freshman Year

Courses Units
Computer Science 1 (Computing Fundamentals I) 4
Computer Science 2 (Computing Fundamentals II) 4
Computer Science 41 (Introduction to UNIX) 2

Mathematics 1 (Analytical Geometry and Calculus I)


Mathematics 2 (Analytical Geometry and Calculus II)

General Education Courses  

Sophomore Year

Courses Units
Computer Science 20 (Advanced Programming Methods with Data Structures Using C++) 4
Computer Science 21 (Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming) 4

Mathematics 7 (Elementary Linear Algebra with Computer Applications) or


Mathematics 41 (Statistics for Business Majors or


Mathematics 42A (Introduction to Probability and Statistics) or


Mathematics 44 (Statistics and Probability)


Mathematics 10 (Discrete Mathematics)


General Education Courses

Total units required 60

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