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Choosing Classes/Registration


Q: What classes should I take?


Q: Do I have to take PE?

Answer: If you are planning on earning an associates degree at Las Positas College, you must take physical education. For an AA or AS degree, 1 unit of PE is required. Exemption is allowed for illness or physical disability by filing a physician's statement at the Admissions Office. Students who hold an AA/AS Degree or higher are also exempt from the PE requirement.

Q: How do I know if the courses I’m taking transfer?

Answer: Check the course descriptions of the current class schedule or college catalog. Courses that transfer to the University of California will say “UC”. Courses that transfer to the California State University will say “CSU”.
The transfer course lists below are also available in the counseling office, in the Transfer Center and online. The ASSIST website also includes courses that transfer.

Las Positas College also has transfer (articulation) agreements with some private colleges regarding course transferability. Please go to our Independent Colleges page or contact the Counseling Office for more information.

Q: What are units?

Answer: Units measure the total hours of a class during a semester. In most classes, the more hours you are in class, the more units you will earn for the course. Some exceptions: classes with labs, art studio courses, and PE classes.

Q: How many units should I take?

Answer: There are many factors to consider when deciding how many units to enroll in including, but not limited to, the number of hours/week you work, motivation, academic skills, and study skills. One of the most important factors to consider is how many hours per week you work. A general rule of thumb is:

If you work:   Enroll in no more than:
40 hours per week  6 units
30 hours 9 units
20 hours 12 units
5-15 hours 14-16 units

Don’t forget to schedule time to study! For each unit you are enrolled in, you need to set aside about 2 hours of study time outside of class each week. Refer to Planning Your Schedule or consult with a counselor in making decisions on course loads.

Q: How many units must I take to be considered a full-time student?

Answer: A minimum of twelve units.

Q: How many units should I take if I want to transfer in two years?

Answer: You need to enroll in an average of 15 units per semester of classes required for your degree in order to graduate and/or transfer in 2 years. Many students take longer than two years to graduate/transfer because they need to: work, improve basic academic skills, explore educational/career options, and/or have chosen college majors or transfer schools that have extensive course requirements.

Q: What is the maximum number of units I can take?

Answer: You may not enroll in more than 18 semester units without the written approval of a counselor.

Q: What if a class I want is closed?

Answer: If possible, select an open section of the class you want or choose different open classes that will also satisfy degree requirements. If the closed class is your only option, attend the first day of class, and ask the instructor if they are adding students. If the instructor allows you into the class, he/she will give you an add authorization number which you can use to add the class on-line or in the admissions office. There are no guarantees that a walk-in student will be added to the class.

Q: What is a priority number?

Answer: Continuing students are assigned a number used to determine registration dates and priority for adding classes. New students do not yet have a priority number.

Q: How is my priority number determined?

Answer: Students who have completed the following have the highest priority numbers:

Please see the current course schedule for a more detailed explanation of priority numbers. For exceptions to this process, please see a counselor and complete a Request to Review Priority Registration Status. If approved, the updated, new priority number may take several weeks or more to affect your priority registration date.

Q: Can I retake the English and/or math assessment test?

Answer: Yes, but you must either wait 6 months from the last time you took the test or ask for special approval. You must see a counselor to discuss your reasons for retaking the assessment and complete an Assessment Challenge Petition that will be submitted to an administrator for final approval. The approval process can take up to 2 weeks.

Q: Can I enroll in a course if I have not met the prerequisite?

Answer: You must meet with a counselor to discuss the process and complete the appropriate form:

  • Course Prerequisite Challenge
  • Instructor Initiated Course Prerequisite Challenge

Students who want to challenge a course prerequisite must be able to provide documentation (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) to the academic department that they have legitimate grounds to enroll in their course despite not meeting the prerequisite. You can enroll in a course without meeting the prerequisite only with the final approval of the Las Positas College academic department in which the course is taught.

Q: How can I sign up for a class when I completed the prerequisite at another college?

Answer: You must meet with a counselor and complete a Course Prerequisite Verification (override) form. In order to do so, you need to bring documentation (unofficial or official transcripts, grade report, etc.) that you completed the course equivalent to the LPC prerequisite. You need to be prepared to provide course descriptions for courses taken at private or out-of-state colleges.

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