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Graduation/Transfer Requirements

Most students begin college with the goal of earning an associates degree and/or transfer (BA/BS degree). If this fits you, you should probably begin by enrolling in general education classes* The four most common general education patterns are listed below. Which one you follow will depend on where you want to finish your degree.

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General Education for LPC Associate Degrees

General Education for Transfer (BA/BS Degree)

* Students who plan to pursue “high unit” majors  (including, but not limited to, nursing/allied heath, engineering, sciences, computer science, UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business) are strongly advised to begin taking major requirements as early as possible and meet with a counselor for a Student Educational Plan. Major requirements for associate degrees can be found in the LPC College Catalog. Most major requirements for transfer can be found at

NOTE: If you have taken classes at both Las Positas and Chabot College, you need to follow the course requirements for the college that you are currently attending. There are some differences in Las Positas courses and Chabot College courses.

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