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First Semester Tips for Choosing Classes

Balance class and work hours

  • Make a smooth transition into college -- don’t over load yourself with too many units your first semester
  • See Planning Your Schedule (243K PDF) for guidance on how many units/classes you should take

Take English and math classes

  • Good communication skills (reading, writing, speaking) and math are important foundation skills for succeeding in most college courses and careers
  • English and math is required for all associate and bachelor’s degrees

Enroll in a class that interests you

  • Explore your interests for motivation and college success!
  • Talk to other students, counselors, and instructors about classes to match your interests.
  • Read course descriptions online, in the class schedule, or the College Catalog.

Take General Education courses toward one of the following general goals:

Begin Taking Courses Toward Your Major/Certificate

  • Some ‘high unit’ majors have many required courses that should be begun as soon as possible.
    • Some ‘high unit’ majors include Engineering, Sciences, Computer Science, Nursing/Dental Hygiene
  • Some ‘high demand’ (impacted or selective) colleges and/or majors require that certain classes be completed prior to transfer
    • Many transfer major requirements can be found at
  • Certificate programs require courses in the major only (no general education)

Enroll in College Study Skills – Psychology-Counseling 15 (PSCN 15)

  • College instructors will expect you to assume more responsibility for your learning outside of class than in high school
  • Learn/improve your skills in time management, note taking, studying, preparing for exams, etc.

Take a P. E. course

  • One unit is required for students earning an Associate of Arts Degree
  • Meet new friends and relieve stress

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017