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WorkAbility III

The WorkAbility III Employment Program provides supported employment services to Community members and students. Working with the State Department of Rehabilitation, the WorkAbility III Program provides job development, job placement, and follow-up services.

Community members and students may participate in Work Ability III Services.

Individual Adaptation

The spectrum of work-related placement varies according to the individual needs of the WorkAbility III community member or student. WorkAbility III job placement services include:

  • Internships
  • Volunteer Work Experience
  • Part-time Employment
  • Full-time Career Employment

Eligibility Requirements

Community members and students must be authorized for services through the California State Department of Rehabilitation. If you are not registered with California State Department of Rehabilitation, we can assist you with this step.

All participants must have a commitment to take an active roll in the WorkAbility III Program and demonstrate reasonable progress in career development and employment preparation.

For more information about WorkAbility III, please contact Terrance Thompson, Job Developer, at (925) 424-1539 or Jane Medeiros, Program Assistant, at (925) 424-1536.

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Page last modified: April 27, 2018