Early Childhood Development

ECD Intervention AA Degree

AA – Early Childhood Intervention

Completion of all Early Childhood Intervention Assistant Certificate courses listed in the Certificate of Achievement and completion of Early Childhood Development 69 (Child Study through Observation, 3 units) and Early Childhood Development 79 (Teaching in a Diverse Society) and completion of General Education degree requirements will quality students to be eligible for an AA Degree in Early Childhood Intervention. These individuals will be prepared to work as early childhood paraprofessionals or as early childhood teachers with expertise in special education and early intervention.

Freshman Year

Courses Units
ECD 50 - Principles and Practices 3
ECD 56 - Child Growth and Development 3
ECD 54 - Child Health, Safety & Nutrition 3
ECD 62 - Child, Family and Community 3
ECD 63 - Early Childhood Curriculum 4
ECD 69 - Child Study Through Observation 3
General Education Units  
Total Units 30

Sophomore Year

Courses Units
ECD 40 - Social & Emotional Foundations 3
ECD 60 - Introduction to the Young Child with Exceptional Needs 3
ECD 67 - Infant & Toddler Development 3
ECD 79- Teaching in a Diverse Society 3
ECD 90 - Practicum - Supervised Work Experience 4
ECD 91 - Adaptive Curriculum (with Practicum) 4
General Education  
Total Units Required for AA Degree in Early Childhood Development 60

It is recommended that the following General Education Courses be used if elective units are available:

Psychology 4 - Brain, Mind & Behavior
Psychology 15 - Problems of Childhood

Students completing ECD 83, Adult Supervision, in addition to the above schedule will qualify for a Child Development Permit @ the Master Teacher Level. Be sure to make an appointment with the Professional Development Coordinator and with an Academic Counselor early in your educational planning process.





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