English as a Second Language

Course Level Student Learning Outcomes
ESL 131A: Beginning Writing I


Given a selection of written prompts, based on both a required full-length text and on learned material or experience, students will be able to select one prompt from each category and write a paragraph on each in two hours.


Students will be able produce paragraphs of 8 -12 sentences that demonstrate appropriate and coherent writing with the following traits:



  • format: title, indented paragraph, margins, double spaced
  • topic sentence and concluding sentence
  • transitions


  • focuses on the selected topic
  • explains the topic
  • supports the topic sentence with details and examples


  • learned sentence structure: simple and compound sentences
  • generally correct learned punctuation
  • correct spelling and of basic and learned vocabulary
  • appropriate use of learned verb tenses and verb forms

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Julia McGurk


Arts, Letters & Social Sciences Dean

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Page last modified: January 20, 2016