English as a Second Language

Course Level Student Learning Outcomes
ESL 24: Advanced Reading & Composition I


Given readings before the final examination, students will be able to select one prompt and write a well-reasoned essay in two hours.


Students will produce an essay of five to six paragraphs with a minimum of 500 words.  The essay will demonstrate clear organization, logical development, and correct language use and have the following traits.



  • thesis that responds to the prompt and shows understanding of the reading
  • topic sentences that are generally related to the thesis
  • appropriate transitions between and within paragraphs
  • an introduction and a conclusion


  • demonstrates critical thinking
  • contains body paragraphs that begin with topic sentences that advance the argument or logic of the thesis
  • develops body paragraphs with examples, quotations, or paraphrased passages that show understanding of the readings


  • generally idiomatic sentences with correct sentence structure
  • sentences that vary in length and type
  • generally appropriate use of verb tenses and generally correct verb forms
  • appropriate academic vocabulary
  • generally correct word forms
  • correct punctuation and spelling
  • evidence of self-editing

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Julia McGurk


Arts, Letters & Social Sciences Dean

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Page last modified: January 20, 2016