The Job Market

Entry level pay for labor positions range from $7.50-$9.00 per hour. Experienced workers typically earn $9.00-$22.00 per hour. Management and supervisory positions have the greatest earnings at $3,500 to $5,500 per month. Owners/ operators of many landscape maintenance businesses earn between $4,500-$8,500 per month. Many residential landscape installation contractors earn between $150,000-$500,000 per year, gross income

Students might work in residential and commercial landscape installation and maintenance; urban tree service; forestry; park, grounds, and golf course maintenance; retail and wholesale nursery operations and management; floristry; plant pest control and horticulture consulting; and residential landscape design.

Here are some resources to help you learn more about the field of horticulture.

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017