Math X Program

(Retiring Fall 2017. Replaced with the Math Emporium.)

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Math X Orientation (this is a pdf of the first day orientation power point)

Welcome to the Math X Program!   

Why Take A Course in Math X?!

In this program students have the ability to complete their basic skills math courses in a personalized mode. The Math X mode allows students to:

  • self-accelerate through the material
  • decide on when they are ready to take a test
  • take the length of time they need when testing (within the hours of operation)

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How is Math X different from other modes?

Mastery Learning
The Math X Program is a Mastery Learning program. It requires you prove that you have mastered the material by passing each chapter exam and/or quiz with a score of 80% or better, before proceeding to the next chapter.  Students are given three attempts to pass each exam and/or quiz, with guided remediation in-between attempts.

Math X Mode   Lecture Mode
Students choose the dates and times of their exams   Exam dates and times are fixed
All homework must be completed before attempting a test   Usually, homework does not have to be completed prior to taking a test
Three attempts to pass a test   One attempt to pass a test
Personalized review and support between attempts   Little revisiting of the concepts

Why is this important?
In Math X students:

  • take tests when they are ready
  • continue on to new material prepared to be successful
  • build on their knowledge instead of struggling just to get by
  • develop confidence in their mathematical skills

Math X mode vs. Lecture mode
In Math X mode there is no lecture. Students are supported in their learning by an instructor, an instructional assistant and, sometimes, a Math X tutor. In addition, students use web-based instructional software which includes a number of built-in support features.

 Math X Mode   Lecture Mode
Flexible pacing   Instructor determines the pacing
Students determine how much time they need to spend on a concept before moving on   Students may have to move forward before fully grasping a concept

Why is this important?
In Math X students:

  • can move at a slower or faster pace and adjust their work pace when work or family needs intervene
  • can spend more time on difficult concepts and work quickly through concepts they understand well
  • are more apt to be successful when they do not have to move on before understanding basics

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Committing to Success

We commend you for your commitment to enroll in our Math X Program.  Commitment to learning is vital to your success in this program.  A learning brain requires focus, attention and motivation, according to psychologists. 

To be successful in the Math X program students should:

  • attend every class
  • work diligently on homework and lab assignments
  • construct a good working relationship with their instructor and instructional assistant
  • take full advantage of all support resources
  • commit to learning

 For more information about LPC campus support services for students in mathematics classes, click here.

 “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”   Abigail Adams, 1780

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017