Health & Human Services

The Program

Helping individuals, families and communities with the challenges of mental illness or chemical dependency, abused children or our aging population is the focus of the program. We tackle the problems that people experience in their everyday lives: violence, mental illness, drug abuse, racism, poverty, ageism, and family problems by teaching our students the necessary skills and knowledge to address these issues. In short, we empower our students to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century. Our graduates leave our program with a solid understanding of the human condition and the necessary skills needed to bring about change.

While units in this program are transferable to many institutions, students should contact a counselor for more information.

Certificate of Completion

Health & Human Services
Psychology-Counseling 5 (Introduction to Human Services) 3 units
Psychology-Counseling 3 (Introduction to Counseling Theory) 3 units
Psychology-Counseling 6 (Human Services Case Management Theory) 3 units
Psychology-Counseling 8 (Theories and Concepts of Group Process) 3 units
Psychology-Counseling 13 (Multicultural Issues in Contemporary America)
      {or} Sociology 3 (American Cultural & Racial Minorities) 3 units
Internship 1 (Internship Seminar) 1 unit
Internship 2 (Internship Field Placement) 1 unit
Electives* 3 units

Total units required: 19-20

*Electives – Select from the following for a minimum of
  3 units:
Anthropology 3 (Social and Cultural Anthropology)
Early Childhood Development 62 (Child, Family and Community)
Internship 2 (Internship Field Placement)
Psychology 1 (General Psychology)
Psychology 6 (Abnormal Psychology)
Psychology 12 (Life-Span Psychology)
Psychology-Counseling 7 (Contemporary Issues)
Psychology-Counseling 10 (Career & Educational Planning)
Psychology-Counseling 11 (Interpersonal Relationships)
Sociology 4 (Marriage and Family Relations)
Sociology 6 (Social Problems)

Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure
Use the link below to view Las Positas Community Colleges Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure for this program.

Certificate of Completion in Health & Human Services

Health & Human Services

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