Student Learning Outcomes

Faculty Projects

In Spring 2005, LPC began offering stipends to faculty to participate in a Student Learning Outcomes Pilot Project. Click the links below to learn more.

12 Assignment SLO projects

Instructor Department/
Sarah Thompson Sociology 10-page term paper (Contact faculty SLO coordinator for project information)
Katherine Moore Biology 1-3 page Report
Catherine Eagan English 104 Essay: Personal Observation
Sentence Structure Test
In-class essay
Revision Essay
Final Essay Exam
Julie Keener ESL Annotated bibliography


6 Course SLO Projects


Instructor Course
Sarah Thompson Sociology 1 (Contact faculty SLO coordinator for project information)
Lauren Hasten Anthropology 3
Elena Cole English 1A
Sebastian Wong Health 81
Mark Tarte AJ 54
Jim Gioia DSPS


5 SLO department workshops


Instructor Department
Sebastian Wong Health
Zina Rosen-Simon ECD
Cheryl Warren Library
Angella Ven John Student Services
Elena Cole English

Student Learning Outcomes

John Ruys
SLO Committee Co-Chair

Ann Hight
SLO Committee Co-Chair

Madeline Wiest
Curriculum and SLO Specialist

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