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Social Science

About the Program

Social Science is designed to provide a broad interdisciplinary foundation for further study. This is a general field that includes courses in Anthropology, Economics, Cultural Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. It can also serve as a foundation from which students continue study in specialized fields.


AA - Social Science

Degree: AA - Social Science (General)

Freshman Year

Courses Units
Anthropology 1 (Physical Anthropology) 3
Geography 2 (Cultural Geography) 3
Complete 1 of the following combinations for a total of 6 units: 6

History 1 (History of Western Civilization to 1600) and

History 2 (History of Western Civilization since 1600) or

History 7 (U.S. History through Reconstruction) and


History 8 (U.S. History Since Reconstruction)

Electives* 0-9
General Education Courses  

Sophomore Year

Courses Units
Economics 1 (Principles of Microeconomics) or
Economics 2 (Principles of Macroeconomics)
Political Science 7 (Introduction to American Government) 4
Psychology 1 (General Psychology) 3
Sociology 1 (Principles of Sociology) 3
Electives* 0-9
General Education Courses  
Total units required 60


Select 3 courses from the following for a minimum of 9 units.

  • Anthropology 2 (Introduction to Archaeology: Prehistory and Culture Growth)
  • Anthropology 3 (Social and Cultural Anthropology)
  • Anthropology 5 (Cultures of the U.S. in Global Perspective)
  • Geography 5 (World Regional Geography)
  • History 14 (History and American Cultures of California)
  • History 25 (American Indian History and Culture)
  • History 28 (History of American West)
  • Political Science 20 (Comparative Government)
  • Political Science 30 (International Relations)
  • Psychology 3 (Problems and Methods in Individual and Social Psychology)
  • Psychology 4 (Brain, Mind, and Behavior)
  • Psychology 6 (Abnormal Psychology)
  • Psychology 10 (Human Sexuality)
  • Psychology 24 (Sport Psychology)
  • Sociology 3 (American Cultural and Racial Minorities)
  • Sociology 4 (Marriage and Family Relations)
  • Sociology 6 (Social Problems)
  • Sociology 7 (Human Sexuality)
  • Sociology 11 (Sociology of Gender)


Students may complete lower-division requirements for transfer in general in individual social science disciplines. Some variation in requirements may exist at a particular four-year college or university; therefore, it is essential that students refer to the catalog of the prospective transfer institution and consult a counselor. General Education courses should be carefully selected to meet the requirements of the intended transfer institution; some transfer institutions require more General Education units than required by this AA degree.

Social Science

Dr. Marilyn Flores,
Dean of Arts, Letters & Social Sciences


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