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Campus Map

Key to Buildings

Building Number

Building Function (new items in yellow)

100 Classrooms


300 Photography Studio
VCOM Classrooms
400 English Classrooms & Lab
500 Fine Arts
600 Classrooms, Integrated Learning Center (ILC), Open Math Lab
600 A/B Fire Service Technology Training Facility
700 Future Computer Lab, VCom
800 Lecture Hall
Computer Labs
Automotive & Welding Labs
Smog Referee Center
Horticulture & Viticulture Yards
Greenhouse, Garden Classrooms
900 Classroom
1600 Career/Transfer/Employment Center 1604
CalWORKs 1668
Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) 1668
CARE Program 1668

Ricoh Copy Center
Veterans First Office

1100 Central Utility Plant
1300 Bookstore

Student Services and Administration Bldg. (SSA)

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1616 1st Floor

Counseling (1616)
DSPS High-Tech Center 1st Floor (1615)
Assessment Center 1st Floor (1642)

1600 2nd Floor


Admissions & Records (1670)

1600 2nd Floor

East Wing

Community Education (1663)
International Student Program (1658)

1600 2nd Floor


Financial Aid (1650)

1690 2nd Floor

Academic Services (1690, West Wing)
President's Office (1680, over Cafeteria)
Institutional Research and Planning (1681)
LPC Foundation (1681)

1600 1st Floor


1700 Health Center
Campus Safety & Security Office
Lost and Found


& 1850

Classrooms and Labs
Faculty Offices

1850 - Science/Technology Center

1900 LPC Technology Department
District Information Technology Services
2000 Library (Learning Resources Center)
2100 Faculty Offices
Dean of Math, Engineering, Science & Public Safety
2200 Classrooms
2202 Emergency Medical Services Simulation Lab
2300 Child Development Center
2400 Multi-Disciplinary Education Building
Mass Communications/LPC Express
Tutorial Center/Study Room, Writing Center
Classrooms, Computer Labs
Faculty Offices
Teaching & Learning Center
Multimedia Lecture Hall

Physical Education Complex
Dean of Physical Education, Health, Wellness & Athletics
Faculty Offices
Multi-Use Playing Field
Track and Field

2600 Aquatics Center
3000 District Maintenance & Operations Shop
Shipping & Receiving
3100 District Maintenance & Operations
4000 Barbara Fracisco Mertes Center for the Arts
Dean of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences
Main Theater
Black Box Theater
Classrooms, Rehearsal Rooms
Faculty Offices
Outdoor Amphitheater

Department Room Number Description
Academic Services - Vice President  1690 2nd Floor, West Wing
Administrative Services (Business Office) 1689 2nd Floor, West Wing
Admissions and Records (A&R) 1670 2nd Floor, Main Hall
ASLPC - Student Government 1643 1st Floor, West Wing, Near Parking Lot
Assessment Center 1642 1st Floor, West Wing
Cafeteria 1620 1st Floor, Near 800
CalWORKs 1668 2nd Floor, East Wing
Career Center (& Transfer Center) 1604 1st Floor
Community Education 1663 2nd Floor, East Wing
Counseling Center 1616 1st Floor, near Reception
DSPS - Disabled Students' Programs and Services 1615 1st Floor, East Wing, near bus stop
DSPS High Tech Center 1615C 1st Floor, East Wing, near bus stop
EOPS - Extended Opportunity Programs & Services and CARE 1668 2nd Floor, East Wing
Financial Aid 1650 2nd Floor, Main Hall
International Students Programs  1658 2nd Floor, East Wing
LPC Foundation Office 1681 2nd Floor, Northwest wing
President's Office 1680 2nd Floor, Northwest wing
Staff Lounge 1688 2nd Floor, West Wing
Student Government (ASLPC) 1643 1st Floor, West Wing, Near Parking Lot
Student Services - Vice President's Office 1669 2nd Floor, East Wing, at end
Transfer Center & Career Center 1604 1st Floor





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