Accreditation 2003

Standard 10: Governance and Administration

The Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Board of Trustees fulfills its responsibilities. The Board provides for the adequate representation of its diverse constituency. Because members are elected from seven distinct districts, the Board is an independent, policy-making entity.

The agenda at each Board meeting allows for public comment. Seating is reserved at the meetings for college administrators, faculty, classified staff, union representatives, and student government officials. The Board reviews and approves educational programs for consistency and excellence, regularly evaluates its own policies and practices, and selects the District Chancellor and other major academic and administrative officers.

In addition to the President, Las Positas administrative organization includes three administrative areas: Academic Services, Student Services, and Business Services. A majority of people in the campus community feel that College administrators are effective. The Institutional Planning Committee has endorsed the idea than an additional Dean of Academic Services should be hired to address campus growth, when funds become available. Members of the administrative staff have a well-defined and substantive role in shared governance at the College and in the District.

Shared governance is publicized and well implemented at Las Positas College. LPC faculty participate fully in the shared governance process, especially in matters related to curriculum, degree and certificate requirements, grading policies, and educational program development. Classified staff participate in shared governance through committee work, leadership development, campus communication functions, and through the Classified Senate. Not all classified staff feel that LPC clearly states and publicizes the their role in shared governance. The College plans to do more to communicate that role to the larger campus community. Students, too, participate in shared governance at Las Positas College.

The District has devised a network of committees with the express purpose of keeping the campus faculty, staff and administrators informed about campus and district-level activities and policies. Through this network, Board members, District administrators, College administrators, faculty, classified staff, and students stay informed and up-to-date on such important issues as institutional planning and the accreditation process.

Accreditation 2003


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Page last modified: April 27, 2018