Accreditation 2003

Standard 2: Institutional Integrity

LPC represents itself to its constituencies with accuracy and consistency through its website and printed materials such as the LPC Catalog, Class Schedule, and Student Handbook.

The LPC faculty and staff believe in an educational environment that nurtures the professional exercise of academic freedom and respect for truthfulness. These expectations are well publicized and available to students, staff and community members.

College expectations regarding student behavior reach for the same high level of integrity.
LPC has defined guidelines concerning academic honesty, but the expectations and sanctions involved are not clearly stated in all College materials. The College plans to review and strengthen communication on shared expectations about the principles of academic honesty and sanctions for violations.

Many LPC programs support and serve the diverse cultural needs of the campus community. Programs include not only formal curriculum and support, like the extensive English as a Second Language program and International Student Office, but also more informal organizations like the World Cultural Alliance Club and the Gay Straight Alliance. Most staff agree that LPC demonstrates a commitment to diversity and equity in hiring, and that the campus environment is one of tolerance to differences in ethnicity, cultural background, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, and religious beliefs. Although the LPC athletic program is limited due to lack of on-campus facilities, these programs demonstrate the highest level of integrity and honesty.

LPC has used the same high standard of integrity in dealing with the Accreditation Commission.

Current College processes review and revise all policies, programs and publications to insure that this high standard of integrity is maintained. These review processes have resulted in identification of the need for a more efficient, better-coordinated curriculum update. LPC plans to establish a deadline for this curriculum update, especially in relation to updating course outlines following Title V regulations.

Accreditation 2003


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Page last modified: April 27, 2018