Accreditation 2003

Standard 6: Information and Learning Resources

LPC has made strides through its contract with Campus Works to implement a systemic resource process. This has had a significant impact on some of the structure, but the College has not established campus wide systemic processes yet. The College implemented a computer lease program last year and put in place a plan to replace hardware regularly. Processes for software and peripheral acquisitions have been suggested by the Instructional Technology Systems staff, but resources that have been set aside for these functions are affected by the loss of instructional improvement funds.

Given the constantly changing nature of hardware and software technology, financial support for upgrades as well as ongoing maintenance varies with the specific needs of each resource area. Some instructional sites require more frequent updates

Since the last accreditation, a Dean of Technology has been hired. LPC has charged the Dean with organizing the vast instructional and technological resources on campus that are housed in a variety of centers campus-wide, from the Disabled Students Programs and Services High Tech Center, to the remodeled Computer Center in building 800. The Dean of Technology is currently working on the LPC Technology Plan that will, in part, cover computer software and hardware acquisition, and policies and procedures to centralize future software and hardware purchases for efficiency.

LPC has made a major commitment to in-class presentation equipment, planning it into every new or remodeled classroom. The Instructional Technology Systems department familiarizes faculty with classroom equipment, as well as the many other services that they provide. Faculty, staff and administrators can easily request equipment not already in the classroom. The ITS department answers trouble calls when an instructor encounters malfunctioning equipment.

In support of College educational programs, the LPC Library provides reference and instruction services and access to a collection of books, periodicals, online databases, and audiovisual materials. The Library also houses an open computer lab, rooms for individual and group study, and viewing/listening stations.

Though Library learning resources, and equipment to access them are up-to-date and adequate for some disciplines, the collection is not sufficient to support all the courses, programs and degrees offered at LPC. College growth and program expansion pose a challenge.

Some deficiencies exist overall in College learning resources, such as the replacement of outdated equipment, but identification of these problems and solutions to these problems are occurring according to institutional planning agendas as this Accreditation Report is being written.

LPC strives to ensure that information and learning resources are readily accessible to students, faculty and administrators. All available resources operate at their maximum capacity, based on funding and program resources. Most learning resources are accessible to students, faculty, staff and administrators each day during the week and in the evening, with some programs exploring and offering online access to create 24-hour, seven days-per-week access.

The LPC website is maintained by a Webmaster. Equipment supporting the College website and instructional web pages is selected and acquired by the Senior Instructional Network Systems Specialist in consultation with the Vice President of Business Services. The campus community is involved in the selection process through the Technology Committee.

Accreditation 2003


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