Accreditation 2003


Las Positas College wishes to express appreciation to the members, support staff and chairs of the standard committees. The participation was outstanding, as the entire full time college community - administration, faculty, classified staff and students - worked on the writing of the Self Study. Many adjunct faculty and part-time staff contributed as well. Special thanks to Mary Campbell (Chair), Don Milanese (Liaison Officer) and Amber Machamer (Director of Research and Planning) for their perseverance and assistance in bringing this self study to completion. Particular appreciation is extended to Frances DeNisco who edited and proofread the report. Her expertise and dedication were invaluable in its completion. Thanks, too, to Martha Konrad for her help in assisting the Self Study Chair and the Liaison Officer, and to Sharon Cadwalader for organizing references and facilitation of the team visit.

It is through the cooperative, sustained efforts of these individuals that this comprehensive Self Study was possible.

Accreditation 2003


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