Accreditation 2003

Accreditation Timeline 2000-2003

Date Description
August 16, 2000 Initial Presentation of Accreditation Timetable to LPC Staff
October 5, 2000 Fall 2000 Workshop on Self-Study
October 2000 Presentation of Accreditation Process and Timeline to Steering Committee (Institutional Planning Committee); Selection of Chair of Accreditation; Selection of Coordinating Council (Standard Chairs)
November 2000 Formation of Self-Study Committees
February 2001 Steering Committee will review Accreditation process and distribute Accreditation Committee guidelines and related documents
February - March 2001 Development of questions for student and staff surveys by Coordinating Council
March - April 2001 Surveys reviewed and approved by Steering Committee
April 2001 Staff and student surveys distributed
June - August 2001 Survey responses compiled by Director of Institutional Research and distributed to all Self-Study participants
September - November 2001 Standard Committees conduct research, review documents, and write draft versions of reports - Self-Study Period
December - May
Individual drafts reviewed by Coordinating Council
May 2002 Draft of Self-Study distributed to Steering Committee;
Recommendations for revisions reviewed by Coordinating Council; Approval by Steering Committee of draft report
June - August 2002 Draft edited
August 2002 Campus review of Self-Study
September 13, 2002 Campus review concluded
October 3, 2002 Final draft submitted to Steering Committee
November 19, 2002 Self-Study submitted to Board of Trustees
December 10, 2002 Second reading of Self-Study by Board of Trustees
January 2003 Self-Study mailed to printer
February 2003 Self-Study mailed to Commission
March 2003 Accreditation Team Visit

Accreditation 2003


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