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Instructions for Using CLASS-Web

CLASS-Web (Chabot Las Positas Automated Services System) is where you can register, add, and drop classes, review your schedule, check your grades, view your unofficial transcript, access your financial aid information, pay your fees online, and more.

Basic Instructions

  1. Using an internet-enabled web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, etc.) begin at, and select "CLASS-Web" from the "Class Schedules & Information" menu on the left, or click on "Admissions & Records " under the "Quicklinks" menu, and select "Register for Classes" - Click "Sign on to CLASS-Web".
  2. Enter your 9-digit User ID. This is either your Social Security Number or your new "W" ID number issued to you. Your User ID should be entered as all 9 digits with no dashes or spaces. (e.g., 987654321 or W12345678).
  3. Enter your 6-digit PIN. The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is initially set to your birth date in the format MMDDYY (e.g., 090872 for September 8, 1972).
  4. Click on the LOGIN button.
    FIRST TIME USERS: enter your personal SECURITY QUESTION and ANSWER. Keep it short (maximum of 30 characters), limit spaces, and do not use special characthers. This will enable you to reset your PIN and gain access to your information.
  5. In the CLASS-Web Main Menu, click on "STUDENT AND FINANCIAL AID".
  6. In the Student Menu, click on "REGISTRATION".
  7. In the Registration Menu, click on "ADD/DROP CLASSES".
  8. On the Select Term Screen, select a term, and click "SUBMIT TERM".
  9. On the Pre-Registration Student Information page, you will be prompted to update your declared major, employment expectation, and educational goal. When you are finished, click "SUBMIT CHANGES/REGISTRATION".
  10. Read the instructions on the Add/Drop Classes page completely. Scroll down to the "Add Class" section of the page and enter the CRN's you have selected in the boxes. When you are finished, click "SUBMIT CHANGES".
  11. After the Add/Drop Classes page refreshes, VERIFY YOUR ENROLLMENT in the courses you have selected in the current schedule section. If all the courses you selected do not appear, scroll down to the REGISTRATION ERRORS SECTION to check the status of any class which does not appear in your current schedule.
  12. Click on the "Credit Card Payment" link at the bottom of the Add/Drop Classes page to review your account balance and pay your fees by credit card.
    Note: FULL payment of your account is required. This includes both enrollment and optional fees. The optional fees help support services and student activities; however if you choose not to pay the $13 optional fees, you must go to the Office of Admissions & Records to pay your account balance in person.
    If you are enrolled in a vocational education class, you will be asked to answer questions regarding your economic status.
  13. Select the FINAL REGISTRATION STEP/EXIT to terminate your session.

Other Options Available in CLASS-Web

In the STUDENT Menu, you will find options for:


  • check your registration status
  • register, add, drop classes
  • view your student schedule
  • search for classes
  • check class deadlines
  • pay fees via credit card

Student Records

  • view academic transcripts
  • view assessment results
  • view holds on your account
  • look up final grades
  • view account summary
  • check class deadlines

Financial Aid

  • view overall status
  • view cost of attendance
  • view financial aid awards
  • view academic progress
  • review document requirements
  • display award payment schedule



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Page last modified: March 24, 2016