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Health Services Fee

A mandatory health service fee of $17.00 per semester is charged. This fee is used to support health services for enrolled students. In accordance with State Assembly Bill 982 and Section 76355 of the State Education Code, exemptions are only granted for the following: Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization; and students who are attending Las Positas College under an approved apprenticeship training program. Written documentation must be provided to the Dean of Enrollment Services (Admissions & Records), Bldg. 1600, Rm 1670.

Student Representation Fee

A mandatory student representation fee of $1.00 will be assessed of all students each semester or session. This fee is used for any purpose related to representing the views of students with governmental bodies.

Student Activities Fee

An optional Student Activities Fee of $10.00 is charged per semester (with the exception of summer term). Students paying this fee receive an activity sticker that provides discounts on student activities and sports events. The fee helps finance student activities, Las Positas College clubs, scholarships, the Student Center and other student-related services.





Admissions & Records

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Page last modified: March 24, 2016