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Providing Your Social Security Number

Students have the option not to provide their Social Security number (SSN) when applying to the College. This is your RIGHT, but there are several reasons why it may be to your advantage to provide your SSN on this application. These include:


  • Speedier application process - Some colleges may require you to contact them for a substitute ID number if you do not provide your SSN
  • Availability of your Records - Provinding your SSN is the best way to make sure your records are accesible when you need them. If you do not provide your SSN:
    • Your enrollment or degree may not be found in the National Student Clearinghouse
    • Employers may not be able to verify that you received a degree or certificate
    • You may encounter difficulties sending transcripts to other colleges or universities
  • Financial Aid - Your SSN is required when applying for federal and state aid programs.
  • Tax Credit and Deductions - Providing your SSN helps you (or someone claiming you as a dependent) receive tax credits or deductions to which you are entititled.
All CCCApply institutions are required by law to keep your SSN private and secure and not to reveal it without your permission. If you provide your SSN , you can be confident that it will not be misused.



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Page last modified: March 24, 2016