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Tuition for California Residents

Tuition for California residents, except those exempt by law, is $46 per credit unit.

Non-resident Tuition

Non-residents of California are required to pay a tuition fee of $243.00 per unit in addition to the enrollment fee and basic fees ($46.00). A California Non-Resident Tuition Exemption may be granted to certain non-resident students who meet the exemption requirements set forth in Assembly Bill 540. Please contact the Office of Admissions & Records at 925.424.1500 for further information.

International Student Tuition

The tuition fee for international students, non-immigrant aliens or students on other visa types is $243.00 per unit in addition to the enrollment fee ($46.00). International students (F-1 Visa) are required to enroll and maintain a minimum of 12 units per semester.


Admissions & Records

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Page last modified: May 05, 2016