Administration of Justice

Our Faculty

Mark Tarte

BA Business Management, Saint Mary's College

Subject taught: Administration of Justice

Mr. Tarte is a retired sergeant from the Livermore Police Department. He brings over 20 years' experience that also includes the Air Force Security Police, the Alameda County Sheriff's Department and NASA Protective Services. His duties have included corrections, patrol and patrol supervision, investigations, hostage negotiations as well as training and personnel duties.

His extensive experience becomes obvious in the classroom. "This what the book says, and then, this is what really happens" is a common phrase in his courses. "I take real-life incidents from the news and get students to see how these fit with what the text is saying." The result is practical information, presented in a straightforward manner that students can use right away. Still, "I'm a retired cop but I don't just teach cop stuff," he says. Students learn how the entire criminal justice system works and how the police, the court system and corrections work together.

"Law enforcement is not like watching CSI," he often reminds students. He advises students to take classes in a variety of subjects that interest them. Students may enjoy their AJ classes but then discover a knack for Biology or Political Science or Business that might lead them to a unique career that combines their multiple interests. Seeing Mr. Tarte's satisfied expression when he talks of helping to solve a serial rape case or locking up a child molester for 75 years is a wonderful motivator in convincing students to fold AJ courses into their studies, regardless of where their careers might take them.

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Page last modified: April 24, 2017