Associated Students of Las Positas College

Legislation to be Aware of:

SB 1440: Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act

Passed the California Assembly on October 23

Passed the California Senate on October 25


On June 22, 2010, the California Senate Higher Education Committee voted 9-0 to approve SB 1440- Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act. This historic bill was written by Senator Alex Padilla. This bill, if approved by the California Senate, will simplify the process of transferring from California Community Colleges to California State Universities. According to the California Legislative Analysts Office, currently, students who graduate from the CSUs graduate with an average of 162 units, when the requirement for graduation is a mere 120 units. Roughly 50,000 students transfer into CSUs each year, having an average of 80 semester units when only 60 units are needed. Then, when they go to the CSUs, many students must take courses again that did not transfer from the Community College from which they came.

All information came from the website of the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office ( Jack Scott.



Scott Miner
Director of Student Life

Rafi Ansari

Paulina Reynoso
Vice President

Olga Salgado
Director of Legislation

Ashley Landicho
Director of Communications

Eric Pineda
ICC Chair

Stephanie Plascencia
Director of Events

Eric Bowlin
Student Trustee






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Page last modified: November 08, 2010