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Important Announcement: All Biology courses have new rubrics and numbers starting in Fall 2015. Please refer to this table.

The AA- Biology degree provides students with a strong biology and chemistry foundation to prepare students for entry-level opportunities in academia and industry and for further pursuits in higher education and specialized careers. The AA- Biology degree is designed to prepare students for transfer by fulfilling typical lower-division requirements at four-year institutions. Some variation in degree requirements may exist at a particular four-year institution; therefore, it is essential that the student refer to the catalog of the prospective transfer institution and consult a counselor.

AA - Biology Degree Requirements

Freshman Year

Courses Units
Botany 1 (General Botany) 5
Zoology 1 (General Zoology) 5
Chemistry 1A (General College Chemistry) 5
Chemistry 1B (General College Chemistry) 5
General Education Courses  

Sophomore Year

Courses Units
Biology 1 (Introduction to Cell Biology) 5
Physics 2A* (Introduction to Physics I) 4
Physics 2B** (Introduction to Physics IIII) 4
General Education Courses  
Total Units Required 60

*Fall only
**Spring only

Biology Department

Jill Carbone
Biology Co-Coordinator

Nan Ho
Biology Co-Coordinator

Barbara Zingg

Ann Hight

Michal Shuldman

Lisa Everett
Dean of Math, Science, Engineering and Public Safety

Meet Biology Faculty

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Page last modified: April 15, 2015