Reporting a Student of Concern


The behavioral concerns and resources listed below will help you determine the appropriate referral option. If you are unsure about where to refer a student, please feel free to contact anyone of the BIRT members to consult about a student behavior.

In emergency situations immediately contact

Campus Safety (925) 424-1699

or 911 off-site



Campus Safety

Report these behavioral concerns immediately to Campus Safety

(925) 424-1690 non emegency (925)424-1699 emergency

Referral Form


Behavioral Concerns to be addressed immediately

Is the student's behavior an immediate threat to self or others?
Does the student's behavior disrupt authorized activities or damage property?

Has the student allegedly broken a law or does the student appear to be under the influence?


Non Urgent Behavioral Concern

Has the student allegedly violated an institutional rule?
Is the student's behavior disruptive, is he or she not complying with directions of college personel, or is s/he taking up an inordinate amount of instructors time?
Do you have concerns about the student for other reasons or is the situation still unresolved?


Student Health & Wellness Center

Mental Health Counseling

(925) 424-1830

Referral Form

Refer these students for appointments with an MFT/MFT Intern @ the student health & wellness center or counseling department. The health center WILL NOT contact the student to make an appointment, the referral form is strictly informational for the MFT/MFT Intern. The student needs to contact the health & wellness center to make an appointment.



Behavioral Concern

Is the student exhibiting unhealthy psychological behavior, showing apparent impaired behavior, or not acting like him/herself?

Is there a drop in the student's attendence/performance, or does the student report getting in trouble with the law, display lack of motivation, or seem lethargic?

Student reports struggling with alcohol or other drug use (e.g. a desire to stop, cut down, or risky behavior)


Behavioral Intervention Resource Team

Building 1700
Room 1701

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Page last modified: April 24, 2017