Business Studies

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While you are in the program

Request for Course Substitution or Waiver of Program Requirement

Students who have had substantial prior experience related to the content of a college-level course, and who can present adequate evidence of their competence, may petition to have enrollment in that class waived without college credit for purposes of satisfying a program requirement.

Finishing up

At least one semester before the scheduled graduation ceremony, students working toward a certificate OR degree should schedule an appointment with a counselor to check their progress in fulfilling the graduation requirements and arrange to complete the appropriate application for graduation.  For complete details, refer to the Petition to Graduate (PDF) section of the LPC catalog.

Business Studies

Amir A. Law, EdD
Kinesiology/Athletics, Health, Business (BHAWK)


Mary Hargiss
Administrative Assistant

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Page last modified: April 24, 2017