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Gainful Employment

In order to be eligible for Federal Student Aid, a student must be enrolled in an educational program that leads to an associate's degree or prepares a student for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. Students must either (1) declare an associate's major OR (2) be enrolled in one of the non-degree certificate programs listed on this page in order to be eligible for Federal Student Aid at Las Positas College.

Certificate Programs
Gainful Employment Disclosure
Accounting Technician GE Disclosure
Administrative Assistant GE Disclosure
Administrative Medical Assistant GE Disclosure
Automotive Service Technician GE Disclosure
Automotive Technician GE Disclosure
Business Entrepreneurship GE Disclosure
Cisco Network Associate GE Disclosure
Cisco Network Professional GE Disclosure
Computer Applications Software (Microcomputers) GE Disclosure
Computer Programming GE Disclosure
Computer Programming for the Web GE Disclosure
Early Childhood Development: Basic Teacher GE Disclosure
Early Childhood Development: Family Child Care GE Disclosure
Early Childhood Intervention Assistant GE Disclosure
Electronics Telecommunications Systems GE Disclosure
Enology GE Disclosure
Fire Service Technology GE Disclosure
Health and Human Services GE Disclosure
Horticulture GE Disclosure
Interior Design GE Disclosure
Mass Communication: Journalism GE Disclosure
Teaching Intermediate Piano GE Disclosure
Occupational Safety and Health GE Disclosure
Retail Management GE Disclosure
Retailing GE Disclosure
Supervisory Management GE Disclosure
Visual Communications: Emphasis in Print GE Disclosure
Visual Communications: Emphasis in Web GE Disclosure
Viticulture GE Disclosure
Welding Technology GE Disclosure


* Fire Service Technology is a minimum of 32 units, and up to 35 units, depending on electives.

** Occupational Safety & Health, though a 15 to 16 unit certificate, is a 72 week or 4 semester program. Because of our scheduling pattern, we run one OSH course per semester, and there are 4 core courses which we cycle through.

*** Viticulture is a variable 34 to 39 unit Certificate. At best, it is 3 semesters plus one summer session where we offer a summer viticulture operations class, and it is only offered in the summers, so we need to add 6 weeks to our number, or 60 weeks total.


Office of CTE

Vicki Shipman
Project Manager

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Page last modified: February 04, 2016