A.S. Degree in Chemistry

The Chemistry degree prepares students for transfer to four-year institutions for continued study in the field of chemistry or for pre-professional studies for medical and dental programs. This program fulfills the lower-division requirements recommended by the American Chemical Society and is typical of requirements at four-year institutions. The program also satisfies lower division requirements in chemistry for engineering and biology transfer majors. General Education courses should be selected carefully to meet the requirements of the intended transfer institution. Some transfer institutions require more general education units than are required by the A.S. degree. Students should consult the catalog of the transfer institution for requirements and should consult a counselor for additional information.

Degree Requirements

General Education

Courses should be divided between the freshman and sophomore years. Consult the Las Positas College catalog for specific general education requirements.

Freshman Year

  • Chemistry 1A** (General College Chemistry)
  • Chemistry 1B (General College Chemistry)
  • Math 1 (Analytical Geometry and Calculus I)
  • Math 2 (Analytical Geometry and Calculus II)
  • Physics 8A (General Physics I)
    Recommended Electives*
    General Education Courses§

Sophomore Year

  • Chemistry 12A (Organic Chemistry)
  • Chemistry 12B (Organic Chemistry)
  • Math 3 (Multivariable Calculus)
  • Physics 8C (General Physics III) (Recommended before 8B) or Physics 8B (General Physics II)

§ Program-based General Education requirement (may be taken either freshman or sophomore year):
Ecology 10 or Biology 31 or Computer Science 1

Suggested Electives

  • Math 5: Differential Equations with Computer Applications
  • Math 7: (Elementary Linear Algebra with Computer Applications)
  • Computer Science 1: (Computing Fundamentals)
  • Biology 31
  • Physics 8B, 8C or 8D (if not already taken for the major)

Total Units Required: 60

*Physics 8B and Physics 8C may be used either to fulfill program core requirements or recommended electives, but may not be double-counted for both areas.
** Fulfills the Natural Science requirement for the AS degree.

Chemistry Department

Michael Ansell

Adeliza Flores

Richard Grow

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Nan Ho
Dean of Math, Science, Engineering and Public Safety

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