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Computer Information Systems

AS - Computer Information Technologist

The Computer Information Technology program prepares students for a variety of career opportunities including database design and administration, software development, network and systems administration, computer system analysis, and computer help desk and system support. This program provides students with a core of general education and computer information systems courses coupled with a flexible set of elective requirements.

This Associates of Sciences degree program incorporates the latest emerging technologies and skills employers are seeking today. Elective courses beyond the core may be chosen to develop specialization in a selected area or to obtain a broader understanding of certain computer technologies and how they fit together.

Program Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the Computer Information Technologist AS degree, students shall be able to demonstrate a strong foundation of knowledge in computer programming, database design and administration, and computer networking.
  • Upon completion of the Computer Information Technologist AS degree, students will be able to demonstrate clear, compelling, analytical, and concise writing to professionally describe their programming, database, and networking project and skills.


Freshman Year

  • CS 7 (Intro to Computer Programming Concepts)
  • CIS 65 (Introduction to Desktop Operating Systems) or
    • CNT 50 (Introduction to Desktop Operating Systems)
  • CIS 66 (Networking Fundamentals) or
    • CNT 52 (Networking Fundamentals)
  • CS 1 (Computing Fundamentals) or
    • CS 31 (Java Programming)
  • CIS 43 (Professional Communications)

Sophomore Year

  • CNT 69 (Network Security Sec+)
  • CIS 9002 (ORACLE: Database Design and SQL Programming)
  • CIS 60 (Systems Analysis and Design)
  • CS 41 (Intro to Linux/Unix, Linux+) or
    • CNT 7401 (Intro to Linux/Unix, Linux+)
  • INTN 1 (Internship Seminar) and
    • INTN 2 (Internship Field Placement) or
    • WRKX 96 (Work Experience Seminar) and
    • WRKX 95 (Work Experience) or
    • CS 47 (Capstone Project)


(Select from the list below for a total of 10 units)

Program Electives

  • CS 2 (Computing Fundamentals)
  • CS 20 (Adv Prog w/data Structures/C++)

Networking/A+ Electives

  • CNT 51 (CompTIA‚Äôs A+ Certification Computer Technician)
  • CNT 55 (Installing & Configuring Windows Server MCSA II)
  • CNT 56 (Administering Windows Server MCSA II)

Database/Project Management Electives

  • CIS 62 (Project Management)
  • CIS 9001 (Database Design Methodology)
  • CIS 50 (Intro to Computer Info Tech)
  • General Education Requirements

Total Units: 60