Construction updates

Construction Updates

Campus Updates

This website will provide information to the campus and related community about construction at Las Positas College.


We will continue to provide updates on each of these facilities projects, and will work to keep you informed about any developments, critical construction dates, and infringements on parking and pedestrian travel. In addition, we will do our best to mitigate the impact on students, staff, and faculty as we move toward completion of the campus build-out.

Construction Areas and Fencing

Campus Map with Construction Fencing

Above is a map of the campus indicating where construction fencing will be located in red. 1300D is now designated as the Construction/IOR Offices for the duration of the renovations and probably the construction of the new academic building. What this means is the fencing around 1300D may be there for a while. Over the next couple of weeks, you will see additional fencing going up around various areas near the following buildings:

1700 (Cafeteria and Seating Area)
2000 (back area)

The impact to pedestrian pathways should be minimal.

**Building 700** Construction begins on Building 700 Friday, April 4 and will continue until Mid May.



Administrative Services

Diane Brady
Vice President, Administrative Services

Sheri Moore
Executive Assistant, Administrative Services

Natasha Lang
College Administrative Services Officer

Alesia High
Fiscal & Administrative Services Technician

Sharon Davidson
College Administrative Assistant


Jadin LeeForbes
Telephone Operator/Receptionist

Tessie Rabon
Telephone Operator/Receptionist

Thomas Rothman
Telephone Operator/Receptionist



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Page last modified: September 06, 2016