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Convenience Copiers


Convenience Copiers

Convenience copiers have been installed in various locations around campus for those occasions where only a couple of copies are needed.  These multi-functional devises can copy, print, scan to PDF and in some cases fax.  All machines require a 6-digit user access code.  Do to high work loads and handling of confidential information not all machines are available for everyone to use. Please refer to the memo distributed to you containing your user code and the locations of the machines available for your use.

Using the convenience copier for copies is more expensive than using the Copy Center. To curtail copier costs, usage of the convenience copiers is being capped at 500 copies (clicks/ impressions) per term for full-time faculty and 250 copies (clicks/ impressions) per term for adjunct faculty.  Classified and administrative staff will have corresponding limits.  All faculty and staff are asked to reduce their usage by planning ahead and sending needs for multiple copies to the Copy Center.

Convenience copier usage reports are reviewed monthly and excess usage will be reported to the responsible administrator.  Should excessive usage of an account become an issue, the copy and print feature may be suspended for the remainder of the term.  Although we do not anticipate this occurring, if such actions are implemented the scan and fax features will still be available.

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Page last modified: June 16, 2011