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Deciding on a Career

4 Steps to a Career Decision

Step 3: Making Decisions and Setting Goals 

After completing Step 1 and Step 2, you can begin to develop an initial career goal. Counselors can help you make decisions about majors, careers, and classes by appointment.

When you make a career decision, please keep in mind the following...

  • Good information is the foundation of sound decisions. Personally satisfying decisions are usually based on honest information about yourself (Step 1) and accurate information on the labor market (Step 2). Decisions are made with the understanding that they are based on the best information that you have at that point in time.
  • Career decisions can be modified. You develop and change, and so does the labor market.The average person changes careers 4.5 times during their lives and hold an average of 10 jobs. Most people don’t make one career decision, but a series of career decisions throughout their lives. Career/college major decisions need to be made with the understanding that they can be modified.
  • Set priorities. Reaching goals includes personal action and change. What are you willing to change to reach your goals? Decision-making requires that you thoughtfully examine your personal priorities.



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Page last modified: April 25, 2017