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Graduation and Transfer Requirements

Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements

The GPAs listed below are MINIMUM requirements. Popular, selective, impacted colleges and/or majors almost always require higher GPAs than those listed below.

For many schools and majors, counselors can help you understand a general, “ball park range” of the GPA needed to be competitive for transfer admissions. However, having a certain GPA is not a guarantee of admissions.

  • LPC Associate in Arts and Associate in Science Degrees: 2.0 GPA (C average)
  • California State University: 2.0 GPA MINIMUM – popular colleges and majors require a higher GPA
  • University of California: 2.4 GPA MINIMUM – a higher GPA is usually required
  • Private Colleges and out-of-state colleges: varies by college. Check campus website, transfer college catalog, an LPC counselor, and/or the LPC Transfer Center.

Non-resident and international students often need higher GPAs for admission.

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Page last modified: November 16, 2015