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Counselor Tips: Preparing for Nursing Programs

  1. Complete preparatory course work.
    Your English and math assessment test determines how many preparatory courses you will need before you can take the prerequisite science courses required for nursing program admission. For most nursing programs, this could include some, or all, of the following courses:
  • Basic mathematics (Math 106 or 107X and 107Y)
  • Elementary Algebra (Math 65)
  • English 100A and 100B or English 104
  • Chemistry (Chemistry 30A; Chem. 30B recommended)
  • Biology (Biology 31)

Students applying to 4-year, bachelor’s level nursing programs will also need to complete a higher level of math and English. Most schools require courses in:

  • Statistics (Math 42A).
  • Inter. Algebra (Math 55), or appropriate assessment score, is required to enroll in Math 42A
  • Freshman Composition (English 1A)
  • Critical Thinking (English 4 or 7)
  • Oral Communications (Speech 1 or 46)
  1. Research college nursing programs, including additional admission requirements and selection criteria. Visit the Las Positas College Transfer Center and locate web sites of schools/departments that offer nursing programs for detailed information. Most nursing programs offer group advising and orientation sessions for potential students.
  2. Complete prerequisite science courses. Most nursing schools require the following courses and that they be completed as recently as possible:
    • Anatomy 1
    • Microbiology 1
    • Physiology 1
  3. Complete as many of the general education (G.E.) requirements as possible before applying for you will have little time to complete these courses once accepted. Many applicants finish their entire general education before beginning the program. Nursing students are required to complete the following courses as part of their general education.
    • General Psychology (Psychology 1)
    • Introduction to Sociology (Sociology 1 or 31)
  4. Complete a Student Educational Plan with a Las Positas College counselor to map out your personalized program of classes.
  5. Earn strong grades, especially in science, behavioral science and communication courses. Grades of "C" cannot be repeated unless you have extenuating circumstances. Course repeats of prerequisite science courses can also negatively affect your admission to a nursing school. See your Counselor to discuss this issue.

Course Sequence for Nursing Prerequisite Science Courses

Course Sequence for Nursing Prerequisite Science Courses

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