Course Outlines

Computer Information Systems

Active in the 2010-12 College Catalog

Course No. Course Title
CIS 8 Essential Computing Skills
CIS 43 Professional Communications
CIS 46
CIS 48 Introduction to Game Programming Concepts
CIS 50 Introduction to Computing and Information Technology
CIS 54 Excel: Introduction to Spreadsheets
CIS 55B Advanced MS Office Skills
CIS 55C MS Office: What's New
CIS 55D Office Web Apps,Collaboration, Cloud Computing
CIS 57 Access: Introduction to Databases
CIS 59A Web Development: HTML/XHTML
  TBA Addendum CIS 59A
CIS 59B Web Development: DHTML, CSS, JavaScript
  TBA Addendum CIS 59B
CIS 59C Web Programming - Javascript and AJAX
CIS 60 Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 62 Project Management
CIS 65 Introduction to Desktop Operating Systems
  TBA Addendum CIS 65
CIS 66 Networking Fundamentals
  TBA Addendum CIS 66
CIS 68 Using Visual Basic for Microsoft Office Applications
CIS 69 Web Development: Web Design Technologies and Tools
CIS 70 Project Management Tools
CIS 71A Keyboarding (The Alphabet)
CIS 71B Keyboarding (Numbers and Symbols)
CIS 71C Skills Improvement
CIS 72A Data Management
CIS 72B Spreadsheet Integration with Word Processing
CIS 73A Ten-key Skill Development
CIS 75 Office Technology Communications
CIS 77 Virtual Office/SOHO Technologies
CIS 78 Becoming a Virtual Professional
CIS 79 Medical Office Procedures
CIS 80 Introduction to Programming: Visual Basic
CIS 81 Digital Media Skills on the Workplace I
CIS 84 Windows

Web Development: Dreamweaver I

  TBA Addendum CIS 85A (formerly CIS 9988)
CIS 85B Web Development: Dreamweaver II
CIS 86 Overcoming Computer Anxiety
CIS 88A Introduction to Microsoft Word
CIS 88B Advanced Microsoft Word for Windows
CIS 89A Desktop Presentation
CIS 89B Desktop Publishing
CIS 90 Today's Technology Tools
CIS 90.01 [9001] Database Management Systems
CIS 90.02 [9002] Oracle: Database Design and SQL Programming
CIS 90.03 [9003] Oracle: Database Programming with PL/SQL
CIS 90.04 [9004] Oracle: Database Administration
CIS 90.10 [9010] Writing SQL Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server
CIS 91 Integrating Soft Skills with Technical Proficiency
CIS 91.01 [9101] Internet Business Fundementals
CIS 91.02 [9102] Network Technology Foundations
CIS 91.03 [9103] Web Site Development Foundations
CIS 91.04 [9104] Web Design Specialist
CIS 91.05 [9105] Ecommerce Web Technology
CIS 94 Computer Skills in the Workplace
CIS 95 Directed Work Experience Practicum
CIS 96 Directed Work Experience Seminar

Archived Course Outlines (Inactive or Replaced Courses)

Inactive courses or course outlines no longer active. Course outline links reflect last effective Catalog date.

Course No. Course Title
CIS 50 Introduction to Computer Information Systems: 2004-2006
CIS 53 Quattro Pro: Introduction to Spreadsheets for Business: 1998-2000
CIS 54 Excel: Introduction to Spreadsheets: 2008-2010
CIS 54M Excel/Mac: Introduction to Spreadsheets: 2000-2002
CIS 55 Integrated Business Software Using Windows: 2004-2006, 2008-2010
CIS 55M Business Software Applications for Macintosh: 2000-2002
CIS 56 Lotus 1-2-3: Introduction to Spreadsheets for Business: 2000-2002
CIS 57 Access: Introduction to Databases: 2008-2010
CIS 58 Introduction to dBASE: 1998-2000
CIS 59 Building Web Sites: 2004-2006
CIS 62 Intro C/C++ Programming for Business Applications: 2000-2002
CIS 63 Introduction to Programming Nomad: 1998-2000
CIS 64 Introduction to Cobol Programming: 2000-2002
CIS 66 Introduction to Local Area Networks: 2000-2002
CIS 65 Introduction to Desktop Operating Systems: 2008-2010
CIS 67 DOS/Microcomputer Concepts for Netware Users: 2000-2002
CIS 71A Keyboarding (The Alphabet): 2008-2010
CIS 71B Keyboarding (Numbers and Symbols): 2008-2010
CIS 71C Skills Improvement: 2008-2010
CIS 71D Speed and Accuracy Improvement: 2008-2010
CIS 71E Keyboarding Control and Development: 2008-2010
CIS 72 Records and Data Management: 2004-2006
CIS 72A Data Management: 2008-2010
CIS 72B Spreadsheet Integration with Word Processing: 2008-2010
CIS 73 Calculator Applications : 2004-2006
CIS 73A Ten-key Skill Development: 2008-2010
CIS 80 Computer Programming in Basic: 2008-2010
CIS 82M Mac Graphics: Introduction to Graphics: 1998-2000
CIS 88A Introduction to Microsoft Word for Windows : 2008-2010
CIS 88B Advanced Microsoft Word for Windows : 2008-2010
CIS 88M MS Word/Mac: Introduction to Word Processing: 1998-2000
CIS 89M PageMaker/Mac: Introduction to Desktop Publishing: 1998-2000
CIS 89 Desktop Presentation: 1998-2000
CIS 89B Desktop Publishing : 2008-2010
CIS 90A Novell: V3.X Administration: 1998-2000
CIS 90B Novell: V3.X Advanced Administration: 1998-2000
CIS 90C Novell: NetWare 3.X Installation and Configuration: 1998-2000
CIS 91A Novell: V4.X Administration: 1998-2000
CIS 91B Novell: V4.X Advanced Administration: 1998-2000
CIS 91D Novell: V3.11 to 4.0 Update: 1998-2000
CIS 99.51 C++ for Business Majors: 2002-2004


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