Course Outlines

Computer Networking Technology

Active in the 2010-12 College Catalog

Course No. Course Title
CNT 43 Professional Communications
CNT 50 Introduction to Desktop Operating Systems
  TBA Addendum CNT 50
CNT 51A A+ Hardware Fundamentals
  TBA Addendum CNT 51A
CNT 51B A+ Operating System Fundamentals
  TBA Addendum CNT 51B
CNT 52 Networking Fundamentals
  TBA Addendum CNT 52
CNT 54 Windows Professional
CNT 55 Windows Server 2003
CNT 56 Implementing Windows Network Infrastructure
CNT 57 Implementing Windows Active Directory Services
CNT 62A Cisco Networking Academy CCNA 1&2
CNT 62B Cisco Networking Academy CCNA 3-4
CNT 63 Cisco CCNP Semester 5 Advanced Routing
CNT 64 Cisco CCNP Semester 6 - Remote Access
CNT 65 Cisco CCNP Semester 7 - Multilayer Switching
CNT 66 Cisco CCNP Semester 8 - Internetworking Troubleshooting
CNT 67

WiFi, Wireless, Hotspot Networks and Security CWNA

CNT 68 Introduction to Computer Forensics
CNT 69 Networking Security Sec+
CNT 70 Computer Forensics II
CNT 72

CCNA Bootcamp Certification Preparation

CNT 72.1 CCNP Bootcamp Certification Preparation
CNT 73.1

VoIP: Cisco and Asterisk IP Phones

CNT 73.2 Podcasting, Video and Radio Streaming
CNT 74.1

Intro to Linux/Unix, Linux+

CNT 75.1

WhiteHat Hacker Penetration Testing

CNT 75.2 Wireshark, TCP/IP Analysis and Network Troubleshooting
CNT 76.1

Smart Home Technology DHTI+

CNT 77.1 VMWare, Microsoft & Xen Virtual Machines
CNT 95 Directed Work Experience Practicum
CNT 96 Directed Work Experience Seminar

Archived Course Outlines (Inactive or Replaced Courses)

Inactive courses or course outlines no longer active. Course outline links reflect last effective Catalog date.

Course No. Course Title
CNT 50 Introduction to Desktop Operating Systems: 2008-2010
CNT 51 A+ Computer Fundamentals: 2006-2008
CNT 51A A+ Hardware Fundamentals: 2008-2010
CNT 51B A+ Operating System Fundamentals: 2008-2010
CNT 54 Windows Professional : 2008-2010
CNT 60 Cisco Networking Academy CCNA 1: 2004-2006
CNT 61 Cisco Networking Academy CCNA 2: 2004-2006
CNT 62 Cisco Networking Academy CCNA 3-4: 2004-2006


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