Course Outlines

Computer Science

Active in the 2010-12 College Catalog

Course No. Course Title
CS 1 Computing Fundamentals I
CS 2 Computing Fundamentals II
CS 7 Introduction to Computer Programming Concepts
CS 16 Mobile Application Programming: iPhone
CS 20 Advanced Programming Methods with Data Structures Using C++
CS 21 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
CS 30 C++ Programming
CS 31 Java Programming
CS 32 Visual Basic Programming
CS 33 Advanced C++ Programming
CS 34 Advanced Java Programming
CS 35 Advanced Visual Basic Programming
CS 36 Windows and MFC Programming
CS 37 Web Programming
CS 38 Perl and CGI Programming
CS 39 Java Servelets and JSP
CS 41 Introduction to Unix/Linux
CS 43 Professional Communications
CS 44 Advanced Web Programming
CS 45 Database Programming
CS 46 Game Programming: 2D, 3D
CS 47 Capstone Project
CS 48 Introduction to Game Programming Concepts
CS 95 Directed Work Experience Practicum
CS 96 Directed Work Experience Seminar

Archived Course Outlines (Inactive or Replaced Courses)

Inactive courses or course outlines no longer active. Course outline links reflect last effective Catalog date.

Course No. Course Title - Click Course Title for Word Document
CS 1 Computing Fundamentals I: 1995-2004, 2008-2010
CS 2 Computing Fundamentals II: 2002-2004 , 2008-2010
CS 8 Computer Literacy: 1994-1996
CS 10 Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic: 2000-2002
CS 11 Programming Windows Using Visual Basic: 2000-2002
CS 14 Introduction to Structured Programming in C++: 2004-2006
CS 15 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Methods in C++: 2004-2006
CS 16 Structured Programming Using Pascal: 1996-1998
CS 16B Structured Programming Methods Using Pascal
CS 17 Scientific Programming in Fortran: 2000-2002
CS 18 C Language Programming: 1994-1996
CS 18A Introductory C for Programmers: 1998-2000
CS 18B Intermediate C for Programmers: 1998-2000
CS 18C Advanced C for Programmers in DOS Environment: 1996-1998
CS 19 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in JAVA: 2000-2002
CS 20B Advanced Programming Methods with Data Structures Using C++
CS 21 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming: 2004-2006
CS 26 Object Oriented Programming in C++: 1998-2000
CS 26B Object Oriented Programming and Advanced Topics in C/C++
CS 27 Programming Windows Using C++: 2000-2002
CS 41 Introduction to Unix: 2002-2004 , 2008-2010
CS 42 UnixlLinux Environment and System Administration: 2002-2004, 2008-2010
CS 48 Introduction to PC/MS DOS: 1994-1996
CS 90 Introduction to the Internet
CS 49.51 Introduction to Computer Science 2


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