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Environmental Technology

Archived Course Outlines (Inactive or Replaced Courses)

Inactive courses or course outlines no longer active. Course outline links reflect last effective Catalog date.

Course No. Course Title
ENVT 40 Introduction to Environmental Technology: 2000-2002
ENVT 42 Hazardous Waste Generation / Reduction / Treatment: 2000-2002
ENVT 43 Health Effects of Environmental Hazardous Material: 2000-2002
ENVT 45 Hazardous Waste Management Applications: 2000-2002
ENVT 46A Safety and Emergency Response I: 2000-2002
ENVT 46B Safety and Emergency Response II: 2000-2002
ENVT 48 Hazardous Materials Management Applications: 2000-2002
ENVT 99.50 LLNL Employee Safety Orientation
ENVT 99.51 Initial SARA/OSHA Training Hazardous Training Waste Operations and Emergency Response for Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities
ENVT 99.52 Hazardous Materials Management Orientation
ENVT 99.53 Health Hazard Communication at the Hazardous Waste Management Facilities
ENVT 99.54 Resource Conservation and Recover Act (RCRA) Facility Operations
ENVT 99.55 Half/Full Face Respirator Training and Fitting
ENVT 99.56 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
ENVT 99.57 First Aid Awareness
ENVT 99.58 Fire Extinguishers
ENVT 99.59 Radiation Worker
ENVT 99.60 Radiation Contamination Control
ENVT 99.61 Radiation Survey Instruments
ENVT 99.62 Fork Truck Safety and Qualification
ENVT 99.63 Fork Truck Safety and Qualification
ENVT 99.64 Waste Accumulation Area (WAA) Operations
ENVT 99.65 Incidental Crane Safety
ENVT 99.66 Waste Management Unit Inspection, Procedures, and Emergency Response
ENVT 99.67 Hazardous Material and Waste Transportation
ENVT 99.68 Low-Level Waste Management Generation and Certification
ENVT 99.69 Chemical Compatibility
ENVT 99.70 SARA/OSHA Annual Refresher
ENVT 99.71 TRU Waste Generation Certification
ENVT 99.72 Hazwoper Training


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