Course Outlines


Active in the 2010-12 College Catalog

Course No. Course Title
HUMN 1 Philosophy, The Sciences, Epic Poetry
HUMN 3 Film, Drama, Music, Visual Art, Lyric Poetry
HUMN 6 Nature and Culture
HUMN 7 Contemporary Humanities
HUMN 10 The American Style
HUMN 28 The Classic Myths
HUMN 35 Greek Tragedy
HUMN 44 Narrative Film Music

Archived Course Outlines (Inactive or Replaced Courses)

Inactive courses or course outlines no longer active. Course outline links reflect last effective Catalog date.

Course No. Course Title
HUMN 7 Contemporary Humanities: 00-02, 06-08
HUMN 10 The American Style, 06-08
HUMN 35 Greek Tragedy: 04-06
HUMN 40 Introduction to Opera: 08-10


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