Course Outlines

Mass Communications

Active in the 2010-12 College Catalog

Course No. Course Title
MSCM 1 Journalism: Newswriting and Information Gathering
MSCM 2 Journalism: Investigative News Writing
MSCM 3 Journalism: Magazine and Feature Writing
MSCM 5 Journalism: Introduction to Mass Communications
MSCM 7 Introduction to Public Relations
MSCM 14 Writing and Photography for a College Newspaper
MSCM 15 Publications - Editorial, Leadership and Production
MSCM 15L Publication: Editorial Leadership and Production Laboratory
MSCM 16 Express College Newspaper
MSCM 17 Express Editorial Board
MSCM 19 Literary Magazine
MSCM 31 Introduction to Media
MSCM 32 Radio Production
MSCM 32L Radio Production Laboratory
MSCM 32B Intermediate Radio Production
MSCM 33A Introduction to Television Studio Operations
MSCM 33B Intermediate to Television Studio Opertations
MSCM 34 Magazine Editing and Production
MSCM 35 Introduction to Video Journalism
MSCM 72 Beginning Photojournalism

Archived Course Outlines (Inactive or Replaced Courses)

Inactive courses or course outlines no longer active. Course outline links reflect last effective Catalog date.

Course No. Course Title
MSCM 16 Express Collehe Newspaper : 2006-2008
MSCM 31 Introduction to Broadcasting: 2006-2008
MSCM 32 Radio Production: 2008-2010
MSCM 34 Radio Studio Techniques: 1994-1996
MSCM 35 Writing for Broadcasting: 1994-1996
MSCM 36 Broadcast Time Sales: 1994-1996
MSCM 37 Broadcast and Cable Station Management: 1994-1996
MSCM 38 Special Projects in Radio: 1994-1996
MSCM 39 Special Projects in Television: 1994-1996
MSCM 40 Radio Theater: 1994-1996
MSCM 71 Beginning Photojournalism: 2002-2004


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