Course Outlines

Physical Education

Active in the 2010-12 College Catalog

Theory Section Outlines

Course No. Course Title
PE 16 The Successful Student Athlete
PE 15 First Aid & Safety
PE 17 Athletic Training Laboratory
PE 18 Athletic Training Practicum
PE 20 Introduction to Physical Education
PE 21 Theory of Soccer
PE 23 Sports Officiating
PE 24 Sport Psychology
PE 27 Principles of Coaching Interscholastic Sports
PE 28 Components of Physical Fitness - The Human Body
PE 30 Introduction to Kinesiology

Intercollegiate Section Outlines

Course No. Course Title
PE 31 Intercollegiate Athletics - Basketball
PE 36 Intercollegiate Athletics - Cross Country
PE 38 Intercollegiate Athletics - Soccer
PE 41 Intercollegiate Athletics - Women's Basketball
PE 46 Intercollegiate Athletics - Women's Cross Country
PE 48 Intercollegiate Athletics - Women's Soccer
PE 50 Intercollegiate Athletics - Swimming and Diving

Activity Section Outlines

Course No. Course Title
PE AAQE Adapted Aquatic Exercise
PE AQA Aqua Aerobics
PE AQJD Aqua Jogging - Deep Water
PE ASA Aerobics/Step Aerobics
PE AB Aerobic Fitness
PE AWT Adapted Weight Training
PE BD Badminton
PE BA Ballet
PE BC Boot Camp
PE BRD Ballroom Dance
PE BK Basketball
PE BKL Basketball League
PE BKP Basketball Advanced Play
PE BL Bowling
PE BX Box Aerobics
PE CL Cheerleading
PE CP Cardio Power
PE CSVB Court Sports: Vollyball/Badminton
PE CW Intermediate/Competetive Walking
PE DBS Dance Aerobics/Body Sculpting
PE DE Dance Exercsie
PE DRJ Danzan Ryu Jujitsu
PE DS Disc Sports
PE DT Dance Techniques
PE FB Epee Beginning
PE FFL Fifty Plus - Fit for Life
PE FNB Fencing Beginning
PE FNI Fencing Intermediate
PE FC Fitness Center
PE FD Fitness Development
PE FW Fitness Walking
PE FL Flag Football
PE FS Futsal
PE FSC Fire Service Conditioning and Physical Agility Development
PE GBW Gutts and Butts Workout
PE GF Golf
PE GSR Gentle Stretch/Relaxation
PE HHA Hip Hop Aerobics
PE ID Introduction to Dance
PE JDB Jazz Dance- Beginning
PE JDI Jazz Dance - Intermediate
PE JW Jog/Walk
PE LDF Line Dance Fitness
PE LDFI Line Dance Fitness - Intermediate
PE LG Lifeguarding
PE PM Pilates Mat Work
PE QFFL Fifty Plus - Fir for Life
PE QYI Yoga For Fifty Plus - Inermediate
PE QYO Yoga For Fifty Plus
PE RC Rock Climbing
PE SB Softball
PE SC Soccer-Outdoor
PE SCF Step Cardio Fitness
PE SD Salsa Dance
PE SI Soccer-Indoor
PE SS Ski/Snowboard Conditioning
PE SWA Advanced Swimming
PE SWB Swimming - Beginning
PE SWBI Beginning/Intermediate Swimming
PE SWF Swimming for Fitness
PW SWL Learn to Swim
PE TCC Tai Chi Chuan
PE TK Tae Kwan Do
PE TS Team Sports
PE TN Tennis
PE TCT Training and Conditioning for Track and Field
PE TT Table Tennis
PE TTT Table Tennis Tournament
PE UF Ultimate
PE VB Volleyball
PE WMB Wellness and Moving Body
PE WP Water Polo
PE WT Weight Training
PE WTW Weight Training for Women
PE YO Yoga
PE YOF Yoga Fitness
PE 4 Personal Fitness

Archived Course Outlines (Inactive or Replaced Courses)

Inactive courses or course outlines no longer active. Course outline links reflect last effective Catalog date.

Course No. Course Title
PE 1 Physical Education Activity: 2006-2008
PE 2 Physical Education Activity: 2006-2008
PE 3 Physical Education Activity: 2006-2008
PE 17 Athletic Training Laboratory: 2008-2010
PE 1BK Basketball: 2006-2008
PE 1BL Bowling: 2006-2008
PE 1FD Fitness Development: 2006-2008
PE 1FL Flag Football: 2006-2008
PE 1TCC Tai Chi Chuan: 2006-2008
PE 1WT Weight Training: 2006-2008
PE 1YOF Yoga Fitness: 2006-2008
PE 2ASA Aerobics/Step Aerobics: 2006-2008
PE 2BD Badminton: 2006-2008
PE 2BK Basketball: 2006-2008
PE 2BL Bowling: 2006-2008
PE 2BX Box Aerobics: 2006-2008
PE 2CW Intermediate/Competetive Walking: 2006-2008
PE 2FB Beginning Epee: 2006-2008
PE 2FD Fitness Development: 2006-2008
PE 2FNB Beginning Fencing: 2006-2008
PE 2FW Fitness Walking: 2006-2008
PE 2FS Futsal: 2008-2008
PE 2JW Jog/Walk: 2006-2008
PE 2SCF Step Cardio Fitness: 2006-2008
PE 2TS Team Sports: 2006-2008
PE 2TN Tennis: 2006-2008
PE 2WT Weight Training: 2006-2008
PE 2YO Yoga: 2006-2008


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